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Underwater Treadmill

Pet Wellness & Rehabilitation

An underwater treadmill or hydrotreadmill is used in veterinary medicine for multiple purposes.  The benefits of underwater treadmill use include improving range of motion and increasing muscle strength while simultaneously decreasing weight bearing stress on joints and ligaments.  These benefits help animals to a faster and improved recovery after orthopedic or neurologic surgery, soft tissue injury, and post-operative fracture repair.  

The increased viscosity of the water increases resistance to movement to help improve muscle tone while the buoyancy in water decreases body weight to lessen the stress on the bones and ligaments while walking.  These benefits allow pets to start rehabilitation sooner and speed recovery compared to regular walking on land.

Patients with poor balance or weakness are able to stand without fear of falling.  

Patients unable to bear weight on joints in the lower extremities can walk

Patients with weak muscles can move body parts more freely